Homepage of Otto Hyytiälä

Young and creative guy from Helsinki, Finland. Really into computers, electronics and cinematography, especially to the technology behind it. I am studying computer science at the University of Helsinki. At the moment I am working at Finnish startup Terramonitor. As a developer I like developing for web applications. For me computer is the way of making things easier and simpler.

What I like


I've always like using computers to do whatever comes to my mind. I'm quick at learning new things and I'm always ready to try something new. Devoloping new easy to use applications is definitely my goal as a developer. In addition to that I can say that I'm the technical support for my family and friends.


I've been into scouting since 2004. At the time I'm the Chairman of the board and a weekly group leader for kids. My management skills have been developed by the time with all kinds of projects from renovation of our base to leading camping trips in the forest. As a matter of fact going to the forest is a great way to escape from the modern world.

Movies & photos

I really enjoy watching movies and making them. Some day I want to be part of the process making of them way or another. At first I got excited about filmmaking and nowadays I've added still photographing to my intrests aswell. Taking a photo of something is a good way to make memories.

My Work